Public Investments

Deep domain expertise, time-tested investment process

Disruptive innovation is an enduring and investable theme that spans the entire healthcare sector as technology and healthcare are converging in drug discovery, AI, VR, digital sensors, and robotics. Industry productivity is inflecting upwards as genetic information, computational power, biology and new drug technology are changing treatment paradigms. Increasing adoption of data analytics is empowering changes to the delivery of healthcare and technology-powered insights are enabling new care models at a lower cost with better outcomes.

We maintain active global coverage of all healthcare subsectors and utilize a subsector specialist approach to leverage domain expertise and identify secular trends that can create long term growth and valuation tailwinds.

We believe that the combination of subsector specialization, a proven and repeatable investment process, and active risk management can help create an attractive risk-adjusted return stream for investors, irrespective of the market environment.

PFM Health Sciences’ diversified and dynamic exposure across subsectors promotes capital efficiency and fosters a collaborative research process, while our underwriting approach gives us the flexibility to invest across the continuum of private to public companies.